March 23, 2023 – David, also known as The Priest King, has released his new book, “It’s Not A Caterpillar: A Guide To Self Realization & Success.” The unique self-help book is an inspirational read for anyone that wants to learn how to achieve success in their personal and professional life.

Available in a Kindle edition on Amazon, the book is full of practical information and tips to assist readers in their life journey. Individuals will learn how to conquer obstacles in their life, grow and succeed. Everyone has their own set of trials and tribulations, but they also have the power to manifest a better future for themselves.

Many people spend their lives wondering why peace and success has eluded them. Others are like a caterpillar, growing and transforming into something entirely different and unexpected. David takes readers on a journey of exploration and self-discovery that can guide and help them navigate any storm.

David reveals how financial, spiritual, entrepreneurial and other goals can be achieved. He freely shares the secrets of success, along with the tips, tools and techniques anyone can employ to achieve the success they crave, desire and deserve. He also helps people define what success means to them.

Adversity and toxicity surround everyone in today’s culture and environment. It can be difficult for people not to internalize the views of critics, allowing others to divert them from a path of greatness. Readers will discover how to shift their mindset into one of success for themselves rather than what society has determined for them.

“It’s Not A Caterpillar: A Guide To Self Realization & Success” provides a solid foundation and ongoing strategy for anyone that wants more out of life. It’s important for individuals to understand that everyone faces struggles, but no one must be defined by them. Everyone has the power to rise, grow and achieve the goals they desire in their life.

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About David

The author is the former owner of the NU TV Network. He’s known as The Priest King because he is a spiritual rule-emperor, the embodiment of the source and the Great Sun of the rebirth of the American Indian Empire.

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