From March 18th to 19th, the 15th China Steel Summit Forum and Prospects for the Development Trend of the Steel Industry in 2023 were held in Zhengzhou.

Youfa Group And Industry Elites Gather To Discuss Development At The 15th China Steel Summit Forum

“Digital Intelligence Empowerment, Launching a New Horizon Together”. From March 18th to 19th, the 15th China Steel Summit Forum and Prospects for the Development Trend of the Steel Industry in 2023 were held in Zhengzhou. Under the guidance of the China Chamber of Commerce Metallurgical Enterprises, the China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, and the China National Association of Metal Material Trade, this forum was jointly organized by China and Youfa Group. The forum focused on hot topics such as the current situation of the steel industry, development trends, capacity optimization, technological innovation, mergers and acquisitions, and market trends.

As one of the co sponsors of the forum, Chairman Li Maojin of Youfa Group called in his speech that in the face of the development situation of the steel industry, we should actively grasp new opportunities, address new challenges, create a new model of symbiotic industrial chain, and give play to the collaborative advantages of the steel industry chain for symbiotic development. He emphasized that in today’s full competition, welded pipe enterprises need to build brands and lean management to gradually become stronger and survive.

In his view, the concentration of the steel pipe industry has always been rising rapidly, indicating that the industry is gradually maturing.With the gradual maturity of the industry development, under the premise of the lowest cost of the whole process logistics and the pursuit of the ultimate lean management, we play the role of industry alliance and maintain the excellent order of the industry.Creating a brand, controlling costs, and improving sales channels are increasingly becoming the survival path of traditional steel pipe enterprises, and the symbiotic development of the industrial chain will become the theme.

Regarding the future market trend, Han Weidong, the senior expert in steel industry and senior consultant of Youfa Group, gave a keynote speech on “Important Factors Affecting the Steel Industry This Year”. In his view, oversupply in the steel industry is long-term and brutal, and the severity of the international situation is an unprecedented drag on the economy.

He also stated that the steel industry is in surplus both internationally and domestically, which is a major problem facing the industry. In 2015, over 100 million tons of backward production capacity and over 100 million tons of low-quality steel were eliminated, while the output at that time was around 800 million tons. We exported 100 million tons, with a demand of 700 million tons reaching to 960 million tons last year. We are now facing overcapacity. The future of the steel industry must face greater pressure than this year. Today is not necessarily a good day, but it is definitely not a bad day. The future of the steel industry is bound to undergo significant tests. As an industry chain enterprise, it is necessary to be fully prepared for this.

In addition, during the forum, an award ceremony for the 2023 National Top 100 Steel Suppliers and Gold Medal Logistics Carriers was also held.

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