London – May 29, 2023 – LuxFin, a leading provider of securities-backed lending, is pleased to announce the expansion of its wealth management services in Asia. The announcement was made today by Andrei Bunescu, Vice President of the European division of LuxFin.

LuxFin’s expansion into Asia marks a strategic move to provide high-net-worth individuals in the region with its innovative wealth management solutions. The company’s unique approach combines sophisticated investment strategies with access to secured lending, empowering clients to maximize their investment returns while maintaining liquidity through convenient cash access.

Andreas is a key market for LuxFin, and we are excited to bring our innovative wealth management solutions to high-net-worth individuals in the region,” said Bunescu. “Our unique approach combines the benefits of secured lending with sophisticated investment strategies, allowing clients to achieve their financial goals with confidence.”

LuxFin’s expansion into Asia is a natural progression of its commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions to its clients. With a strong presence in Europe and North America, this expansion further strengthens LuxFin’s global reach.

LuxFin is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, and we are thrilled to bring our unique approach to wealth management to Asia,” added Bunescu. “Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with clients to develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs and help them achieve their financial goals.”

LuxFin’s wealth management solutions cater specifically to high-net-worth individuals, providing them with access to a diverse range of investment options and a flexible secured lending approach. Clients can leverage LuxFin’s expertise in managing complex investment portfolios and accessing liquidity through secured lending, ensuring comprehensive wealth management solutions.

We are excited to expand our presence in Asia and offer high-net-worth individuals access to our innovative wealth management solutions,” said Bunescu. “Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.”

LuxFin’s expansion into Asia signifies a significant milestone for the company, exemplifying its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and tailored solutions to clients worldwide. With a strong presence in Europe, North America, and now Asia, LuxFin is positioned to sustain its growth and success in the global wealth management industry.

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