On May 30, Potential United Inc. unveiled UI Collabo, their eagerly awaited online website feedback tool. Following this launch, the company entered an Early Access stage. This stage, a free-of-charge trial of the paid version, is set to last for three months, ending on August 31, 2023.

The Story Behind UI Collabo’s Development  

UI Collabo emerges from the dedication and creative brilliance of the internal team at Potential United Inc., a company that has led the charge in website production for more than twenty years. Traditionally, advancements in design have required tedious processes, including the capture and compilation of screenshots, labor-intensive data gathering, and heavy reliance on developers for execution. However, UI Collabo has transformed our workflow, ushering in an era of remarkable efficiency, and greatly reducing the challenges typically associated with conventional proofreading methods.

With UI Collabo seamlessly integrated into the production process, the company witnessed a remarkable transformation. This remarkable website feedback tool is now available to all creative teams in Japan and North America.

The Specialized Tool for A Constantly Growing Market: 1.13 Billion Sites Worldwide

UI Collabo arrives as an innovative solution for pressing issues faced by web production teams, issues previously unresolved by conventional tools. As an online website feedback tool, UI Collabo has been crafted to meet the distinct needs of web production teams. It enhances workflow with intuitive features such as automated webpage screen capturing, the ability to embed correction instructions directly into the images, and a project task management system that mirrors the website’s structure. Such features address and overcome the limitations of traditional proofreading tools used for printing, banners, landing pages, and videos.

As per Forbes, the number of websites worldwide is projected to reach approximately 1.13 billion by 2023. As a tool designed explicitly for website proofreading, UI Collabo is poised to streamline the web production process on a global scale. It ensures the delivery of quality-driven and successful web production projects, marking a new era in the field.

Main Features: Tailored for Teams Prioritizing Web Quality

UI Collabo streamlines the production workflow while saving time and improving the quality of website creation processes.

–  Automatic Screen Capture: Automatic web page capture by simply entering a URL
–  Display Mode Selection: Compare design data and visually check web page designs before and after modification. Single, dual and layer modes are available.

–  Annotation: Web modification instructions can be sent as desired, including red insertion, arrows, squares, numbers, etc.

–  Browser Check: Captures design data for each browser size for responsiveness, and issues correction instructions

–  Project Management: Registration of site structure, task management of website production for each page

–  Version Control: Understand past versions and revision history, and version control function to prevent ancestors from returning to their ancestors

Enjoy 3-months of Free Use as an Early Access Member

The Early Access program of UI Collabo has been carefully designed to provide an exceptional opportunity for individuals and agencies to experience the cutting-edge features of this remarkable tool. The company believes in inclusivity and wants to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the innovative capabilities UI Collabo offers.

–  Period: Tuesday, May 30 – Thursday, August 31
–  Register at: https://uicollabo.com/join?lang=en

About UI Collabo

UI Collabo is a cutting-edge online website feedback tool that revolutionizes the revision process, eliminating the need for lengthy communication and ensuring top-notch design quality. As a cloud-based collaboration tool, it streamlines website development by minimizing the time spent on providing revision instructions, allowing more focus on enhancing overall quality. Say goodbye to tedious back-and-forth and hello to a seamless workflow that maximizes efficiency and elevates website standards.

Website: https://uicollabo.com/en/

About Potential United Inc.

Founded in 2000 in Japan, Potential United Inc. emerged with the goal of unlocking the full marketing potential of clients through the utilization of cutting-edge Internet-based technology.

Company name: Potential United Inc.
Head office: 6F Tenmabashi Code Building, 2-3-9 Kokumachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
CEO: Takayuki Hirano

Business Description:

–  Website design, design, production, operation and maintenance
–  Website analysis and improvement measures
–  Web application development, operation and maintenance
–  Digital marketing strategy planning, design, and operation
–  Integration support for cloud services

Establishment: October 2000

Website: https://www.p-united.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: UI Collabo
Contact Person: Customer Support
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: https://www.p-united.com/

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