Vitality SarcoHealth Introduces Physical Therapy Sessions in Chandler to Target Muscle Health in Seniors
Seniors aged 30-65 face a heightened risk of developing sarcopenia. With specialized physical therapy sessions, they can regain strength and vitality.

CHANDLER, UNITED STATES – Sep 26th, 2023 – Sarcopenia has been recognized as an emerging issue in Chandler, especially in seniors aged 30-65. Sarcopenia is a generalized skeletal muscle disorder caused by reduced muscular strength. While there is no particularly effective treatment for this disorder, physical therapy sessions and specialized fitness classes are likely to prevent and treat sarcopenia in the elderly.

There are lots of major factors that play a vital role in the development of sarcopenia in seniors, such as lack of physical exercise, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, low levels of protein, and chronic inflammation. Vitality SarcoHealth has now recognized the urgency of addressing these serious issues in seniors, which is why the experts have developed comprehensive physical therapy sessions and fitness classes supervised by skilled sarcoTherapists who empower seniors to regain balance, energy, strength, and vitality.

Tailored Physical Therapy Sessions introduced by Skilled Physical Therapists:

The tailored fitness classes introduced by Vitality SarcoHealth meet the needs of seniors through different resistance exercises that are the first line of treatment for sarcopenia. These exercises are scheduled to improve balance, mass, muscular strength, and overall physical performance in the elderly.

According to the CEO of Vitality SarcoHealth, “Every senior deserves the opportunity to age gracefully with increased muscular strength and energy. We have organized specialized physical therapy sessions and fitness classes through which the patients can witness noticeable improvements, easily combat sarcopenia, and then lead an active and healthy lifestyle.”

The commitment to evidence-based practices sets Vitality SarcoHealth apart from others. The fitness classes and physical therapy sessions are developed in consultation with experts in physical therapy.

The certified fitness instructors specialize in senior wellness and help perform different exercises such as push-ups, chest-supported rows, and different aerobic exercises.

  • Targeted Exercises: Each session combines exercises to combat sarcopenia and improve overall physical health and functionality.

  • Personalized Approach: The sessions are adaptable to multiple fitness levels and tailored to the specific needs of the patients.

  • Foster a Sense of Motivation: Patients can establish connections with peers who share similar goals, which in turn fosters a sense of motivation.

Live to the Fullest:

Above all, Vitality SarcoHealth Clinics offer an autonomy-supportive and spa-like environment with the latest tools and equipment that are even more advanced than the machines patients would normally find in gyms. It allows them to live to the fullest and enjoy more strength with age.

Visit the official website or schedule a 30-minute screening session to get more answers to the questions.

About Vitality SarcoHealth:

Vitality SarcoHealth is a pioneer healthcare provider in Chandler that aims to deliver excellent medical care and innovative solutions to combat sarcopenia in the elderly. They own a team of skilled physical therapists and also feature advanced tools and facilities that allow individuals to live life to the fullest and be more active and healthy in their older years.

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