60sec: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey from Overstock to Influencer Marketing Success
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60sec, a pioneering influencer marketing platform, proudly celebrates nearly five years of its remarkable journey filled with pivots, challenges, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. Founded with a mission to simplify influencer marketing for brands, 60sec has evolved into an indispensable tool for businesses worldwide.

A Journey of Resilience

60sec embarked on its journey with the vision of customizing memorable gifting and souvenirs. However, as they entered the market, they realized the industry was highly competitive and moving toward obsolescence. In a bold move, they pivoted to focus on the overstock industry.

This new direction led them to secure partnerships with industry giants in fashion and accessories industry. While the products were ready for distribution, the challenge was to effectively market them, especially online. The limited capital they had necessitated a different approach: dropshipping.

Utilizing third-party platforms, 60sec ventured into the dropshipping market. While they quickly found dropshippers and customers, they faced another uphill battle – how to boost sales. After exhaustive trials, they concluded that the dropship in Malaysia market wasn’t quite ready for online sales.

Looking forward to the individuals who could not only navigate but also thrive in the online marketplace, 60sec’s pivot towards becoming an influencer marketing platform.

Overcoming the Startup Learning Curve

Like many startups, 60sec initially struggled with the complexities of building a successful business. They were determined to explore the possibilities that entrepreneurship had to offer, having seen headlines about startups reaching astronomical valuations and securing massive investments.

Fortunately, they discovered the value of the GAP (Global Accelerator Program) community, which provided them with essential education, networking, and mentorship. They learned that many successful entrepreneurs had emerged from similar communities, saving significant time and resources.

Resource scarcity was another recurring challenge. As a tech startup, 60sec initially lacked a technical co-founder. However, they eventually found a technical expert who played a pivotal role in building the platform from scratch.

Funding was another perpetual hurdle, along with cash flow issues that made it challenging to pay salaries. It was during these trying times that angel investors stepped in, believing in 60sec’s mission and providing their first crucial investment.

The Path to Product-Market Fit

60sec’s journey to becoming a successful influencer marketing platform was marked by continuous experimentation. They faced various questions, such as which problems to prioritize, how to monetize their product, and how to scale effectively. The pivotal question that arose was about their positioning in the market.

As they learned, customers often expected solutions with minimal or no budget, given 60sec’s lack of clear positioning. Growth began when they identified and communicated their positioning, making it clear what they offered and how they solved problems for their clients.

This change allowed them to define their target customer, find them, choose the right channels, calculate customer acquisition costs, and understand lifetime value and churn rates.

Unlocking Success: Brands Share Their 60sec Influencer Marketing Triumphs

As 60sec celebrates five years of entrepreneurial resilience, it shines a spotlight on success stories featuring its platform’s impact on brands across various industries.

Please visit the official 60sec website at https://60sec.asia/ for case studies spanning different industries and showcasing the diverse range of success stories enabled by 60sec’s influencer marketing platform. These case studies offer further insights into how businesses across various sectors have leveraged the platform to achieve their unique goals and successes.

These success stories underscore 60sec’s commitment to empowering brands to achieve their objectives, build credibility, and experience substantial growth in the highly competitive influencer marketing landscape. The platform’s robust features and its network of influencers have enabled businesses to create influential campaigns, bolster their online presence, and optimize their operations, ultimately reaching new heights of success.

A message of Resilience and Hope

As 60sec reflects on its journey, the message is clear: the entrepreneurial path is fraught with challenges, but determination, learning from the right resources, and understanding your positioning can lead to success. Today, they proudly stand as a self-sustaining business, even after navigating through the challenges of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

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