Now featuring Bluetooth 5.1 and the addition of a sophisticated and stylish black edition, we introduce “Cp1” CD player where the depth of music and the allure of jacket art exquisitely combine. This is not just a music playback device. It offers an entirely new experience, allowing you to beautifully display your favorite CD covers in your room while deeply immersing yourself in its music.
Enrich your living space with Cp1 – gaze upon artist-inspired jacket art daily while enjoying high-quality sound. Its unique design not only complements your interior but also turns your room into a special sanctuary of music and art.

Introducing Cp1, a groundbreaking CD player where the depth of music harmoniously melds with the allure of jacket art. This isn’t just another music player. It allows you to beautifully display your favorite CD jackets as if they were art pieces in your room, all while deeply resonating with the music itself.

In an age where streaming dominates the music industry, the warmth of analog and the inherent value of album art conveying an artist’s sentiments remain timeless. Cp1 was crafted with the intent to maximize the charm of both. Its unique design, reminiscent of instant film, transforms album jackets into framed pieces of art for your living space.


Moreover, embracing technological advancements, Cp1 comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, enabling easy connections with wireless earphones and speakers. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it offers long playtimes on a single charge. With its USB-C charging capabilities, you can effortlessly enjoy music on the go.


Experience a fresh way to deeply appreciate music as an art form. Cp1 is not merely a CD player; it’s a product that perfects the union of music and art. Tailored for the modern lifestyle, its design complements any interior, enriching your space and making it feel even more special.


km5 Corp. has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter starting from October 9th, 2023, and has been garnering attention from backers. With your support, this project can aim even higher. We kindly ask for your backing, interest, and sharing of the project.

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