On November 17th, Beijing XSKY Technology Co., Ltd. (XSKY) announced its groundbreaking distributed all-flash architecture “XSEA (eXtreme Shared-Everything Architecture)” and XINFINI, an all-flash distributed storage solution.

The CEO of XSKY, XU Xin, stated that leveraging the pioneering “XSEA” architecture, XSKY has developed XINFINI, an all-flash distributed storage solution that would significantly reduce the cost of using all-flash storage. This move aims to propel the entire industry into the era of “All Data on All Flash.”

Embracing the XSEA Shared-Everything Architecture for All-Flash Data Centers

The CTO of XSKY, WANG Haomai, explained that the XSEA architecture is the result of eight years of continuous refinement and innovation in storage technology. Built on the latest standard storage protocols and network technologies, XSEA introduces three key technological innovations:

1. Shared Everything: XSEA employs a shared-everything model, enabling each node to directly access all SSDs. This provides better performance scalability and service quality, offering a global perspective on data logic.

2. Single Tier Flash: Utilizing Append Only writing method, optimized for TLC NVMe SSD, reducing hardware configuration complexity.

3. End-to-End NVMe: The storage system provides NVMe-oF protocol externally, while internally, replication networks and IO processing also use NVMe-oF, ensuring efficient handling of IO paths.

With these innovations, XSEA achieves three significant milestones:

1. Achieving an ultra-low latency of 100 microseconds at 40%-60% loads;

2. Achieving over 100% storage usable efficiency (usable capacity/raw capacity) through global EC and data compression technologies;

3. Swift switching within 100 milliseconds during slow drives or subhealthy network scenarios, ensuring system stability.

XINFINI all-Flash Storage Serving Diverse Business Scenarios

Leveraging the XSEA architecture, XSKY introduced the XINFINI software and XINFINI 9000 all-flash storage appliance, marking the industry’s first shared-everything architecture for distributed all-flash primary storage.

XINFINI software is a highly integrated and modular storage system, inheriting the capabilities of XSKY SDS block storage and file storage. It provides a unified storage platform supporting converged deployments for scenarios such as virtualization, private cloud, OLTP, HPDA, and AI/ML.

XINFINI 9000, combining validated hardware with XINFINI software, delivers top-tier all-flash storage performance, the reliability of centralized storage, and exceptional space efficiency, ensuring a seamless storage experience.

The XINFINI software and XINFINI 9000 are dedicated to providing a comprehensive storage solution for all-flash data centers across various business scenarios. During the launch event, XSKY, in collaboration with customers and partners such as Intel, showcased NVMe DAS comparative tests, centralized all-flash comparative tests, and public cloud high-speed disk comparative tests.

Built on the innovative XSEA architecture and XINFINI all-flash storage, XSKY has established a robust ecosystem. It has collaborated with numerous partners, including Intel, Inspur, GDTV Wuzhou, Kirin Software, openEuler, ZStack, Alauda, OceanBase, Transwarp, SinoSoft, and SCUTECH, and more, to validate the entire stack of technology from hardware devices, cloud platforms, operating systems, critical business components to core business applications.

WANG Haomai emphasized that the XINFINI products based on the XSEA architecture will further integrate with the existing XSKY SDS V6. XSKY remains committed to its single technology platform strategy, ensuring a consistent storage experience. The company will continue to provide superior software-defined storage products and solutions to help customers achieve its goal of data “make data alive”.

For more information about XSKY, please visit: https://www.xsky.com/en/

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