Recently, the 23rd China Fine Chemical Industry (Binhai) Conference and the 2023 China Fine Chem 100 Conference opened in Binhai, Jiangsu Province. During this event, the “2023 China Fine Chem 100” list was unveiled. NHU secured its place on this list for the sixth consecutive year, ranking second and was acknowledged once more in the “2023 China’s Top 10 Fine Chemical Innovative Development Enterprises” list.

As the society and economy undergo rapid development, the demand for electronics, automobiles, machinery, new construction materials, new energy, and environmental protection materials is on the rise. This trend is expected to fuel the further development of electronic and information chemicals, surface engineering chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, and similar sectors, therefore the global fine chemicals market is projected to sustain a higher growth rate compared to the traditional chemical industry. Consequently, the vigorous development of fine chemicals has become a strategic focal point worldwide to restructure the chemical industry, bolster industrial capacity, and amplify economic advantages.

As an innovative company in the fine chemicals sector, NHU remains committed to an innovation-driven approach. Adhering to the R&D philosophy centered on meeting demands and fostering both internal and external collaborations, NHU consistently intensifies its research endeavors, expedites the breakthroughs in pivotal core technologies, and collaborates with domestic and international research institutions, leading experts, and scholars, surmounting various bottlenecks encountered in PPS, methionine, and more and breaking new ground for innovative development.

As the fine chemical industry evolves through innovative upgrade, stretching its development chain towards the high-end spectrum and transitioning towards a quality and efficiency centric mode, it consistently generates fresh development demand. Looking ahead, NHU remains committed to the principle that “science and technology is the primary productive force, talent is the foremost resource, and innovation is the prime driving force”. We will prioritize the core path of the fine chemical industry and expedite the expansion into new sectors and pathways by leveraging technology platforms such as “chemical+” and “biological+”, accelerating the implementation of high-tech initiatives like advanced nutritional products and new materials.


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