reflects CherryPicks Digital’s commitment to ensuring access to technological conceptualizations for both individuals and businesses

CherryPicks Digital, a technological startup is pleased to announce the launch of, a hub for apps and software powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology. This digital milestone is designed to showcase CherryPicks Digital’s pioneering dedication to digital transformation at the global level. Through GPTApps, businesses and individuals can access a wide range of GPT-powered technologies that are geared toward simplifying processes efficiently., Recognized as a trailblazer in the GPT store realm, The forthcoming launch of OpenAI’s GPT Store, slated for early next year, heralds a significant advancement in GPT applications. These GPTs are engineered to employ actions for API calls, mirroring the functionality of plugins, and are equipped to provide tailored instructions and invoke capabilities like DALL·E. Each GPT will be uniquely identifiable through its own link, simplifying the process of sharing. The introduction of ‘actions’ in these GPTs is a pivotal enhancement, offering users more dynamic and interactive capabilities. This move signifies OpenAI’s commitment to broadening the scope and improving the accessibility of GPT technologies. features a simple, minimalist user-friendly interface, providing users with an immersive experience in the world of GPT solutions and innovations. With a straightforward layout that compresses the massive catalog of apps into three distinct categories, visitors can easily find products and services that suit whatever need they’ve got.

Speaking at the launch of the platform, a media spokesperson for the company had this to say, “We believe that the future is shaped by how we harness the potential of artificial intelligence today. Our aim is to democratize access to advanced GPT applications, making them readily available for users from all walks of life. By providing a curated selection of high-quality GPT apps, we facilitate a user-centric experience that prioritizes time efficiency and transparency.”

For enhanced navigation, the site has a Featured section with a hand-picked selection of the best apps and software on the platform. This section highlights top-of-the-line GPT utilities which are guaranteed to improve the digital interactions of users. Next, there is the “Last Updated” section where guests can find the most up-to-date custom GPT tools. The last section showcases a diverse selection of services that borders the frontiers of AI innovations in the world today.

Currently, there are 28,000+ applications listed on the platform with a propensity for growth. The team behind is consistently scouring and testing the internet in search of high-tech applications and software packages that are built on OpenAI’s GPT technology and are providing the solutions needed in today’s digital landscape.

Creators and innovators can also list their GPT applications on As a third-party GPT store, submissions are vetted and only those that meet the value requirements stipulated by the team at get approved and displayed. It is an opportunity for techies to unveil their innovations to a market ready to use their inventions.

Explore the growing collection of software applications in this GPT App store by visiting

About is dedicated to being the most transparent and efficient GPT app store in the market. Their mission is to save users time by simplifying the process of discovering and utilizing the power of Custom ChatGPT (GPTs). They aim to provide an intuitive platform where the burgeoning capabilities of AI can be explored and employed with ease.

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