Tempe, AZ, January 2, 2024 – nQ Zebraworks, a leader in legal workflow automation, announced its latest integrations for BillingQ, adding support for Aderant and Elite 3E.

BillingQ adds workflows from the point the bill is generated to when cash is collected for law firms using Aderant and 3E, removing manual steps from the billing process, resulting in improved collections and financial management.

“Billing and collections are the workhorse engine of law firms, and there is always too much to do. We empower these professionals with tools to simplify their workflows, driving the firm’s profitability,” says Bil Bice, CEO.

Key Benefits of the Aderant and Elite 3E integrations:

  • Reduce billing cycle time by 15%-25%
  • Speed collections with professional A/R Notices
  • Professional client communications
  • Centrally track all billing activities
  • Answer questions quickly with client/matter financial dashboards 

Learn more about BillingQ.

About nQ Zebraworks

Queues turbocharge law firm document and billing workflows: 

  • Operating across 52 countries in 40% of the AmLaw 200, 12 of the top 20 firms globally, and hundreds of mid-size firms 
  • Integrate with the core systems in law firms: document management, financial management and expense management 
  • Pioneer in embedded software for document workflows 
  • We are dedicated to our firms, who love our exemplary support  

For more information, please contact:

Erin Barrio  
Director of Marketing  

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