DCUBED Revolutionizes Space Release Actuators for Faster, Cost-Effective Access to Space
Bavarian government-backed DCUBED emerges as a global leader in space pin pullers and In Space Manufacturing.

DCUBED, a pioneering NewSpace parts company specializing in space deployables, solar arrays, and in-space manufacturing, has unveiled a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of space technology. The company, known for its commitment to providing faster, easier, and more cost-effective solutions for space exploration, has successfully already developed and patented proprietary shape memory processes for release actuators, and is now embarking on In Space Manufacturing.

DCUBED’s CEO, Thomas Sinn, embarked on this innovative journey after a space release actuator purchased from another provider broke while testing to launch on a SpaceX rocket. With Sinn facing exorbitant price quotes and lengthy lead times from traditional suppliers that would make him miss his rocket, he took matters into his own hands. Initially utilizing 3D printing technology, he addressed the immediate issue successfully and developed a series of successful heritage products, establishing DCUBED as a reliable player in the space technology sector.

The Bavarian government’s substantial $1 million grant further validated DCUBED’s capabilities, paving the way for the company to pursue an unprecedented goal — to be the first to demonstrate the feasibility of manufacturing structures directly in space. This aligns with DCUBED’s broader vision to lead the market in developing in space manufacturing capabilities to full market maturity.

Commenting on the Bavarian government’s support, CEO Thomas Sinn stated, “This is a great confirmation of our capabilities. On this basis, we want to be the first to show that manufacturing structures directly in space is possible. And we want to be the first to develop in-space manufacturing capabilities to market maturity.”

DCUBED has already left an indelible mark with over 12 products contributing to multiple successful missions in actual space. The company’s innovative space pin pullers, specifically the Nano Pin Puller (nD3PP) recently played a pivotal role in a mission by being chosen by a leading U.S.-based research institution, demonstrating the effectiveness of DCUBED’s solutions in overcoming deployment challenges for Vector Sensing Antennas.


In a landmark decision, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center chose DCUBED’s Space Pin Pullers as the preferred choice over its larger domestic competitor, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense (EBAD), for the critical Space Qualified Rover Lidar (SQRLi) Support project. DCUBED’s shape memory alloy pin pullers not only met NASA’s stringent criteria but also surpassed them, offering a reset function for testing purposes and outclassing alternatives like Paraffin Pusher and Split Spool types.

DCUBED Delivers Solutions to National Research Institution

Dr. A.N., Program Manager at the National Research Institution, praised DCUBED for providing a successful solution, emphasizing the compactness of nD3PPs, which saved space and reduced mass, along with facilitating quick development iterations.

DCUBED’s commitment to precision engineering, off-the-shelf solutions, and commercially available products positions the company as a reliable partner for missions of all sizes, from smallsats to constellations. To learn more about DCUBED’s innovative space release actuators and other cutting-edge solutions, visit https://dcubed.space.

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