With the gripping new book “The Civil War in My South Carolina Lowcountry”, immerse into an adrenaline-charged tale of courage, survival, and the persistent human spirit. This captivating tale takes readers on a wild ride through terrifying challenges and exhilarating successes, the darkest moments of war, the determination to survive, and extraordinary feats.  

Author James L. Harvey Jr.’s unrelenting search for connections between the Civil War and his family’s genealogy helps us better understand the past, including the triumphs and struggles our ancestors went through, and provides crucial context about who you are and where you came from. The book also contains information you can pass down to younger generations because , after all, the value of knowing your family history starts at a young age. 

Prepare to be thrilled by “The Civil War in My South Carolina Lowcountry”, a book that captures the essence of the human spirit’s everlasting determination to overcome even the most formidable of obstacles. This remarkable documentation left good marks from Hollywood Book Reviews: “The detail and research the author pours into this book doesn’t take away from the more personal writing style itself, allowing the reader to connect to both the author and his family’s history in a more personal way. The author sets himself apart from other authors in this genre by showcasing honestly the author’s more personal way of approaching this topic, rather than from a more scholarly field, allowing for a wider reading audience overall.”  

The story’s power comes not only from the fear-provoking circumstances brought about by war but also from life-changing breakthroughs, adventure, and unshakable relationships. Harvey goes deeply into the emotional terrain of human bonds under great adversity, reminding us all that the will to survive knows no bounds.  

The review also said: “Thoughtful and captivating, the book is a must-read non-fiction and history read. The passion for which the author writes this book and the focus on detailed writing on South Carolina and the Harvey family overall makes this a compelling book to get lost in.” 

Hollywood Review recommended the book to readers who enjoy history and genealogy, as well as personal family history, and non-fiction.  

“The Civil War In My South Carolina Lowcountry”
By James L Harvey Jr. 

Kindle | $5.99 

Paperback | $11.99 

Hardcover | $21.99 

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About the Author

Jim Harvey is a native of Coosawhatchie, South Carolina. He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from North Greenville University and the University of South Carolina. After 30 years of service, Jim retired as Regional Director with the South Carolina Department of Corrections. He enjoys golf, reading, and writing about American history including the Civil War. He has written two books, “The Civil War In My South Carolina Lowcountry” and “History of Coosawhatchie Baptist Church. 1759 to 1861 and 1941 to 2020.” He has also published many articles concerning the history of the U.S. Civil War. Jim and his wife, Charlotte, have been married for 55 years. They are members of Covenant Community Church (PCA), where Jim serves as Ruling Elder Emeritus. They have two adult children, four grandchildren, and one miniature therapy poodle. The Harveys live in Lexington, South Carolina. 

 Check out more of the author in his website: http://jimharveyscivilwarhistory.com/ 

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