FreeWheel’s Latest Offering: The Beeswax Inventory Desk

FreeWheel, a global technology platform serving the television advertising industry, recently unveiled its latest innovation, the Beeswax Inventory Desk.

This new offering streamlines access to premium video ad inventory for buyers like agencies and advertisers who utilize FreeWheel’s Beeswax technology. It simplifies the process of securing premium video ad placements from FreeWheel’s publisher partners and other suppliers. The available premium video ad inventory covers connected television and programmatic video streaming.

Functioning as an inventory curation service, the Beeswax Inventory Desk aims to align buyer demand with premium video ad inventory supply more effectively. It addresses three key industry needs: reducing friction, maximizing returns on marketing investments, and enhancing the viewer experience by facilitating direct connections between buyers and sellers in the TV ad ecosystem.

Matt Clark, VP of Strategic Partnerships at FreeWheel, highlighted the goal of simplifying the TV ad buying process to benefit both buyers and sellers. David Pudjunis, VP of Digital Revenue Operations & Partnerships at AMC Networks, emphasized the offering’s role in driving better business results for content creators by attracting new advertisers. Jeromy Sonne, CEO and co-founder of Decibel Ads, praised the solution for streamlining the ad buying process, enhancing transparency, and driving significant revenue growth for customers.

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The Beeswax Inventory Desk presents several advantages for both buyers and sellers in the TV ad buying landscape:

Buyers (Advertisers and Agencies):

  • Access to premium video ad inventory is often challenging through current industry offerings, and establishing direct relationships with leading suppliers can be difficult.
  • This service offers buyers a direct route to premium video supply, providing curated inventory packages tailored to campaign objectives with automation and efficiency.
  • Buyers benefit from faster activation and personalized service, resulting in optimized supply paths to reach target audiences with fewer intermediaries.

Sellers (Publishers):

  • Publishers seek to diversify demand sources in the evolving TV ad ecosystem.
  • The inventory curation service facilitates matching supply with demand from buyers on the Beeswax platform, unlocking new revenue streams for publishers.
  • It streamlines product, commercial, and operational processes, with the Beeswax Inventory Desk managing the workload on behalf of publishers, who simply need to opt-in.

Currently, over 40 Beeswax customers are actively utilizing this new offering, with nearly 250 sourced deals from FreeWheel supply-side customers, including prominent networks like A+E Networks, AMC Networks, and NBCUniversal. The company has observed a significant 670% increase in spending on deals sourced from the Beeswax Inventory Desk in Q4 2023 compared to Q3 2023.

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