Lexington, KY – February 19, 2024 – Dark Legacy Studios proudly announces the development of their latest cinematic masterpiece, “The Devil’s Daughter,” a psychological horror film that promises to redefine the boundaries of the genre. Under the visionary direction of acclaimed horror filmmaker Scott Vickers, a 30-year veteran of TV, film, and theatre, and drawing inspiration from the award-winning novella by renowned author Tyeshia Sturgis (T. L. Sturgis), this collaboration is poised to deliver an unforgettable and chilling experience to audiences worldwide.

Scott Vickers, a multifaceted talent with a remarkable career, is currently directing his second feature, “FUSION.” His first feature film, “Matriarch,” garnered significant acclaim by winning Best Film at Glasgow Horror Fest in 2018. The film secured a theatrical deal with Cineworld Glasgow and Los Angeles’ Royal Laemmle Movie Theatre. “Matriarch” was signed by sales agency Covert Media (known for “Fury” with Brad Pitt and “Bad Grampa” with Robert De Niro) and sold to multiple territories, including Lionsgate for North American rights, Sony Germany, and Sky UK. The film’s success was featured in Screen Daily during the European Film Market.

Following the US release of “Matriarch,” Scott was signed by the US agency 3 Arts Entertainment. The film made its UK TV premiere on the Horror Channel in the prime Saturday 9 pm slot. Scott Vickers, born in Manchester, UK, and with a background in theatre and TV drama, is renowned for his acting expertise and has coached and mentored actors worldwide. As one of the elite acting authorities with a direct lineage to the great Sir Laurence Olivier, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques to his projects.

Tyeshia Sturgis, writing under the pen name T. L. Sturgis, is an accomplished author celebrated for her award-winning novella, providing the rich source material for the film. Her literary brilliance and unique talent for seamlessly blending psychological horror and supernatural elements have garnered critical acclaim and recognition in the literary world.

Scott’s extensive career includes soloist performances at The Moulin Rouge in Paris, appearances in West End productions such as “Boogie Nights the Musical” and “Chicago,” and roles in TV productions like “Foyles War,” “Sirens,” “Hollyoaks,” and BBC’s “River City,” where he appeared in over 200 episodes. In addition to his acting career, Scott has directed and produced over 100 commercial film projects and has showcased his talent as a filmmaker with his short film “Advance to Contact,” which achieved distribution with Shorts International and garnered over 100,000 downloads across 20 countries.

Tyeshia Sturgis, a rising star in the literary world, has achieved acclaim for her novella that serves as the foundation for “The Devil’s Daughter.” Her work has been recognized for seamlessly blending psychological horror and supernatural elements, making her a distinguished voice in the horror genre.

Scott Vickers, a representative of Mary-Liz Management in the UK and 3 Arts Entertainment in the USA, is a seasoned artist who has consistently demonstrated excellence across various facets of the entertainment industry.

“The Devil’s Daughter” is a collaborative effort that stands as a testament to Scott Vickers’s illustrious career and Tyeshia Sturgis’s literary brilliance. This project promises to be a cinematic gem that pushes the boundaries of horror storytelling, combining Vickers’s directorial expertise with Sturgis’s award-winning narrative to create a thought-provoking and terrifying journey into the shadows of the human mind and the supernatural.

Scott Vickers expresses his excitement about the project, stating, ” ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ is a unique venture that pushes the boundaries of horror storytelling. Collaborating with Tyeshia Sturgis has been an enriching experience, and together, we aim to deliver a cinematic journey that will captivate and terrify audiences.”

Tyeshia Sturgis adds, “Seeing my novella come to life on the big screen is a thrilling prospect. ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ is not just a horror film; it’s a thought-provoking exploration of the supernatural and the human psyche. Working with Scott Vickers has been an incredible journey, and I believe the audience will be in for a truly immersive experience.”

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