Frontier Airlines is bringing the ‘GoWildpass’ back in 2024 again, this time the price will be lower by only $499. Let’s discuss how that deal can allow passengers to book International flights tickets at an affordable rate.

The modern aviation industry is on the verge of glory, and to attract more passengers, the airlines are providing attractive deals. Not only to attract customers, but these deals are also significant for the airlines to stay competitive in the market. The Go Wild program can be included in the list of those deals too. Frontier Airlines is a low-cost carrier so these cheap Frontier deals can lower the price much more. However free things must be remembered in this context.

Enforcing Date

Frontier says travelers who enroll in its upcoming GoWild program can book as many domestic and international Frontier flights as they want from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025, for only one cent per flight.

Booking Method

To avoid an early booking fee, seats must be reserved at least one day before a domestic flight or ten days before an international trip. The earlier a pass holder books, the better, as there are only a limited number of “first-come, first-served” GoWild seats available on each trip. So, try to book your Frontier tickets as soon as you can.

Silver Elite Status

Travelers who join Frontier’s program between November 15 and November 28 will be automatically upgraded to Silver Elite status, which includes benefits such as complimentary seat assignments. However, as a low-cost airline, pass holders without this status will continue to pay bag and seat assignment fees.

Long Layovers

Before purchasing the pass, always pay attention to the layovers. Most Frontier flights have very long stopovers. Some stops were over 20 hours long. So, the passengers must take ample time on their hands to enjoy the deal to its fullest.

Frontier Airlines has already imposed another deal, which is about to end soon this month. The deal is, for buyers who are hesitant to commit, the low-cost airline still offers a $299 fall-to-winter pass (September 2023 through February 2024), as well as a monthly option for $99 for the first month and $149 for subsequent months.

Despite these attractive deals, they still Frontier airline does not have that big of an international connection so try to book exclusive flights like Copa cheap flights. Although few methods can be followed to get cheap flights for almost every airline, those methods are,

  • Compare prices on multiple platforms, including Infinity Travels.
  • Receive notifications for price drops on specific routes using official airline websites.
  • Choose off-peak times or mid-week flights for better deals.
  • Check nearby airports for potentially cheaper options.
  • Accumulate miles or points for discounted or free flights.

These methods can get you efficient flights at a cheaper cost. Therefore, passengers can easily book affordable first-class international flights without any deals or offers.

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In the year 2024, many airlines are planning to provide attractive deals and discounts on both domestic and international flights. As the industrial competition is at its peak, it can be a golden ticket for travelers to get affordable fares. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for international deals and grab the suitable ones. Happy journey!

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