Princeton, Minnesota – Erickson Asphalt & Concrete, the Top Contractor in the greater Minneapolis metro area for the last 9 years, is proud to announce the introduction of its new parking lot sweeping service to become a one stop solution for parking lot management in Minnesota.

The new parking lot sweeping service offered by Erickson Asphalt & Concrete is designed to efficiently clean and maintain a parking lot to reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris, as well as any safety risks for customers that can be associated with environmental concerns, such as leaves, tree branches, and trash.

“We at Erickson we understand the importance of keeping your parking lot clean and well-maintained,” said a spokesperson for Erickson Asphalt & Concrete. “Using specialized equipment, our team can thoroughly clean parking lots regardless of the size.”

With a commitment to providing high-quality service and the best final product by its trained and experienced team, Erickson Asphalt & Concrete prides itself on delivering the best customer service possible and has, with this approach, earned over 250 positive reviews on Google.

Firmly established as a leader in the asphalt industry, Erickson Asphalt & Concrete’s Parking Lot Sweeping joins the renowned company’s list of highly rated residential and commercial services, including asphalt sealcoating, asphalt paving, concrete installation and repair, and asphalt patching.

Additionally, the Minnesota asphalt company expertly provides:

Commercial Sealcoating: Using state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date techniques, and unmatched craftsmanship, Erickson Asphalt & Concrete can sealcoat a parking lot to help protect it against the harsh Minneapolis winters and heavy traffic, along with making it look almost like new.

Parking Lot Striping: The top-rated Minneapolis parking lot paving contractor ensures the excellent function, safety, and aesthetic of a parking lot by providing effective parking lot striping that covers crosswalks, stop bars, fire-zones, direction arrows, and pickup areas to ensure the efficiency of traffic flow and to keep pedestrians safe.

Full Asphalt Management and Maintenance: With over 30 years of experience in Minneapolis parking lot maintenance, Erickson Asphalt & Concrete has established systems and processes to help maintain a parking lot using nothing but the best materials, equipment, and techniques. Additionally, the company’s flexible scheduling options make it possible to minimize the impact of a business’s daily operations, ensuring tenants and patrons are happy.

Erickson Asphalt & Concrete offers free, no-obligation estimates for commercial and residential customers.

About Erickson Asphalt & Concrete

Founded in 1990, Erickson Asphalt & Concrete is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the greater Minneapolis metro area for over 30 years. With experience in both commercial and residential projects as well as a dedication to providing a premium quality service, comprehensive financing options, free estimates, and warranty on residential paving, Erickson Asphalt & Concrete can help turn a client’s vision into reality.

More Information

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About Erickson Asphalt & Concrete

After working in the asphalt industry for 11 years, Daniel and Brian Erickson founded their own company in 1990, and Erickson Asphalt Services was born in Princeton, MN. Since then, the company has established itself as the leader in the asphalt services industry and has been named as the Top Contractor for 9 long years.

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