Virtual healing takes on a new dimension with HiViibe Connect, a unique platform that fosters emotional and energetic well-being.

Attention, Modern Spiritual Daters! Tired of low vibrational swiping, fake profiles, and wasted time? Want to connect with others who have “done the work” of healing?

There’s now an app for that!

HiViibe Connect is a game-changing virtual platform where users connect with like-minded individuals who have gone through emotional and energetic healing work. By focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual assets of the whole self, HiViibe Connect has become a unique space for those looking to live their highest vibrational life. 

Users can start raising their “viibe” right away by taking advantage of the app’s Emotion Code or Body Code services. These modalities are administered by certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioners. HiViibe Connect was specifically created for individuals who are actively engaged in the journey of emotional healing and elevating their vibration, offering a virtual space to connect with others who share similar experiences.

It’s also the most authentic and fraud-proof social app ever! HiViibe Connect encourages users to showcase their real selves by providing a live profile picture, challenging societal norms that promote reliance on filters and retouches. The people behind the app believe that everyone is beautiful, just as they are.

One of HiViibe Connect’s distinct features is allowing users to clear the Heart Wall and become more open to life, love, and business interactions. This emphasis on fostering genuine connections aligns with the platform’s mission to create an environment where individuals can comfortably be their authentic selves.

“Heart Wall is when you go through an emotional situation in life and your heart feels vulnerable in that moment. It takes the emotional energy that you’ve generated and it puts it in front of you like a barrier between you and the event. And this wall gets bigger and bigger,” a HiViibe Connect representative explained. Using the emotion code, HiViibe Connect measures how high a Heart Wall is for a person, and it starts breaking it down.

In contrast to conventional dating apps, HiViibe Connect veers away from the swipe culture. Instead, users can express interest through a “HiViibe” heart or convey peaceful intentions with a sign, signaling warmth and happiness even in the absence of a romantic connection. This unique approach reflects the platform’s commitment to promoting high-vibrational interactions.

Those ready to live their highest vibrational life may download the app via Google Play and the App Store. Others who wish to learn more about HiViibe Connect may visit

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