Yung Wylin’s position as one of today’s rising stars in the music industry.

It also fits in perfectly with his personal ethos: “Like a melody that grows stronger with every note, self-improvement is the art of doing better.” 

Based on the enthusiastic response to Yung Wylin’s past contributions across many musical genres and social media channels, as well as strong anticipation from across many musical genres, “Do It Better’ is going to receive all sorts of positive attention. 

This is a combination of his personal drive, which has brought him from a humble beginning the worldwide sensation he is today. It’s also due to his music, which critics say he’s able to successfully blend infectious melodies with relatable lyrics. In the process, he is able to foster personal connections with listeners. 

He credits his unique fusion of musical influences as being key to his meteoric rise in the industry.

“Music is an emotional conduit that connects people. ‘Do It Better’ embodies a celebration of positivity and unity—a message we all crave in challenging times,” he said.

Some of his recent musical achievements and accomplishments have included: 

• Reaching a high position on the Billboard musical chart in the AfroBeat genre for “Good Energy”

• Growing numbers of TikTok followers 

• A staggering number of listens and streams on Spotify in many genres. 

• Continuing to perform at new venues solo and with legends like the Marleys, which speak to his universal appeal

Now that “Do It Better” is out on the streets, Yung Wylin is already exploring and developing what’s coming next professionally and personally. He envisions creating more music that resonates globally, and promotes the values of togetherness and effervescent positivity. 

In a world where music has been known to heal and unite, Yung Wylin is proud to stand as a beacon of hope and creativity. “Do It Better” will firmly secure this position.

Follow Yung Wylin’s artistic journey on social media @yungwylinfree and stream his melodious creations on major music platforms. Stay tuned for the “Do It Better” music video, which perfectly complements his captivating sound.

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