HOUSTON, TX – “Campanadas: Poesías Lírica” is a must-read for anyone looking for gripping and emotionally powerful poems, written by Abe Sentonnian. His book is a testament to his storytelling talent and his ability to draw in readers from start to finish with its intriguing narrative, and verses, with raw sensuality and heartfelt emotion, giving readers a rare glimpse into the author’s soul.  

Abe Sentonnian’s exploration of nature, humanity, and love in the vast cosmos adds a layer of grandeur to the collection. This book is a page-turner with a delightful surprise for readers. 

The Author’s simple love poems are crafted with genuine and earnest emotion. Mixed with fantasies and realities, it is ultimately a book that reaches the heart of the reader with feelings and a deep love for his wife.  His devotion and love for his wife are endless and remarkable, he lost a piece of his soul upon her battle with cancer and her untimely death in 2007, 40 years of a loving marriage.   

“Campanadas: Poesías Lírica” delves into the themes of grief, death, love, marriage, God, heaven, relationships, loss, nature, peace, and joy. Secure your copy of “Campanadas: Poesías Lírica” to begin this riveting journey of choices, joys of marriage, feelings of loss, grief, and God as well as the restorative power of love. 

“Campanadas: Poesías Lírica”
By Abraham Sentonnian 

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Paperback | $10.99 

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About the Author 

Abe Sentonnian was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1939. He was a professional soccer player. He emigrated to the United States with his wife Hilda to continue his career. His poetic inspirations began after the death of his wife. He describes in his poems his love and passion for her and the pain of her early death.

She faded into infinity.
My voice always calls her in memories.
I can no longer look into her warm eyes.
I will look for her on the other side of the eternal river.

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