LAC’s TriAction Sleep Formula, formulated with a blend of ingredients such as Valerian Root, Saffron Extract, Magnesium and Melatonin helps to regulate sleep cycle and supports relaxation throughout the entire duration. Unlike conventional sleep aids that offer temporary respite but risk fostering dependency, LAC’s TriAction Sleep Formula harnesses the power of a proprietary blend of ingredients and herbs, offering a non-habit forming solution for those grappling with sleep disturbances. Engineered with triple-layer technology, it ensures both immediate and sustained release, fostering not only relaxation but also an elevated sleep experience.

Insufficient sleep also poses a significant risk of fat accumulation in the liver, a fact often overlooked. Enter LAC’s Liver Protector, meticulously crafted with ingredients drawn from traditional Chinese medicine such as Sanchi and Red Peony Root. The potent elements found in LAC’s Liver Protector aid in detoxifying the body, combating lipid build up and restoring hormonal imbalance, reducing the risk of liver disease that is often associated with poor or inadequate sleep.

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