New York, NY – ArtExpo New York, known as one of the globe’s premier gatherings for the visual arts, once again brought together thousands of artists from diverse corners of the world to showcase their latest creations. Among the talented participants was Ms. Bella (Yanbo) Huang, an esteemed award-winning American artist based in New York City.

Ms. Huang’s exhibition at this year’s ArtExpo New York captivated attendees with her exquisite collection of long silk paintings, oil paintings, and meticulously hand-painted scarves, shawls, and handbags, seamlessly blending the realms of fine art and haute couture.

(Ms. Huang with top NY models: Olga Kostina, Hakima Mason, Chaya Schwei, Britany Figueroa and GDTV Host Rose Hong)

As top models graced the ArtExpo New York runway with a unique fashion show, featuring Ms. Huang’s wearable art pieces, the audience marveled at the seamless integration of fine art with high fashion.

(Ms. Bella (Yanbo) Huang with NY Top model Olga Kostina with her hand painted shawl.)

Collaborating with the renowned American fashion designer Andre Soriano, Ms. Huang unveiled her collection of hand-painted silk shawls and scarves, complementing Soriano’s acclaimed high fashion line, “The Duchess.”

(Milan Fashion Week Features Ms. Bella (Yanbo) Huang’s hand painted shawl and handbag.)

The collaboration garnered the attention of international fashion photographer Mr. Douglas Bassette, who captured Ms. Huang’s artistic creations alongside Milan’s top model, Iulia Elena Pica, inspiring yet another masterpiece by Ms. Huang: “Wing of Hope,” which made its debut at the ArtExpo New York 2024.

(“Wing of Hope”, oil on canvas by Ms. Bella (Yanbo) Huang)

Ms. Huang’s innovative approach to merging fine art with wearable pieces not only caught the eye of attendees but also earned her recognition from Art in America, the world’s premier art magazine since 1913. It covers art news, reviews, features, and events from the US and beyond. Ms. Huang’s “Kiss the Nature”, pigment on silk was featured in the April issue of the magazine as one of America’s notable artists.

(“Kiss the Nature” by Bella (Yanbo) Huang, Art of America, Issue April 2024)

Additionally, Ms. Huang’s groundbreaking work has earned her a place among the world’s top 40 most talented and creative designers and artists, as acknowledged by the esteemed Fairfield Fashion Show for two consecutive years.

Having received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Art and Design from Southern Illinois University, Ms. Huang’s artistic repertoire spans various mediums, including painting, fashion design, and digital art. Her distinctive style, characterized by dreamlike brushstrokes and richly textured oil surfaces, evokes a surrealistic romanticism that captivates viewers.

Ms. Huang’s silk paintings, notably the monumental “Eternal Melody,” showcase her mastery of the medium, transcending traditional boundaries to explore themes of femininity, elegance, and nature. Through her patented washable paint and unique techniques, she creates abstract modern compositions that engage the audience in a sensory journey beyond mere visual appreciation.

At the intersection of art and fashion, Ms. Huang’s hand-painted silk shawls, scarves, and handbags will soon be featured at prestigious designer stores in Soho, New York, and Milan, cementing her position as a trailblazer in the world of wearable art. 

Ms. Huang’s exceptional work at the crossroads of fashion and art drew the admiration of The American Asian Arts Inc., a leading organization in the Asian American community renowned for its influence. Recognizing her remarkable artistic accomplishments, Ms. Huang was bestowed with the prestigious “Meritorious Artist Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award” by the American Asian Arts, underscoring her notable achievements in both fine art and fashion.

(Mr. Charles P. Wang, President of the Chinese American Cultural and Art Association and Mr. James Tao, President of the American Asian Arts and Mr. Presented the award to Ms. Bella (Yanbo) Huang)

For more information about Ms. Huang’s artworks, visit the Global Arts Gallery at

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