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“With Service Hub, our reps hit the ground running thanks to a complete view of the customer journey,” said Jennifer Cummings, Sr. Director, Customer Engagement at Kaplan. “Since bringing our marketing, sales, and service teams together on HubSpot, it’s completely removed the guesswork for our leaders, giving them visibility and confidence that customers are getting what they need, quickly.”

“In today’s business landscape, change is measured in days and weeks, not years. The speed of reinvention can be daunting, but technology advancements offer a significant opportunity for Singapore companies, especially SMEs, to adapt to new market trends and continue meeting evolving customer needs. With consumers expecting personalised experiences that align with their values and preferences, meeting these expectations requires businesses to connect with customers through channels that serve them best. These solutions from HubSpot are aimed at helping Singapore companies thrive in the digital economy,” explained Warboys.

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Key Features of HubSpot’s New Service Hub and Content Hub

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Service Hub
To help CX leaders scale support, Service Hub includes:

  • Help Desk Workspace: Unlocks productivity for reps with an at-a-glance view of everything that matters most — from real-time ticket updates to omnichannel conversations — plus the ability to organise, search, and filter for improved discovery.
  • Tools for businesses to scale support:
    • Advanced SLAs for better, more complex reporting and operations.
    • Robust routing tools to ensure tickets go to the right reps at the right time.
    • Workforce management settings and APIs to set user availability, working hours, and skills.

To help success teams drive retention, Service Hub includes:

  • Customer Success Workspace: Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can manage their entire book of business in one place with actionable insights and custom segments. The workspace includes:
    • Account activity & pipelines specific to each CSM’s portfolio for easy access to the most important information.
    • Customer health scores so CSMs can identify churn risk, prioritise outreach, and address needs proactively.
    • Product usage integrations with essential apps like Pendo, Amplitude, Segment or HubSpot’s Custom Events API.

Service Hub also features over a dozen AI-powered tools, including:

  • GPT-powered Chatbot* for 24/7 support, freeing up reps to focus on complex issues.
  • Real-time Reply Recommendations* and Conversation Summaries* to speed up time to resolution, including multilingual support*.
  • Suggested next steps* to help reps take action after customer calls.

Content Hub
Content Hub includes:

  • AI Content Creation* to make quality multilingual content creation simple — from generating ideas, to writing blog posts, to creating images.
  • Content Remix* to easily create a full pipeline of content based on a single asset. 82 per cent of Singapore marketers agree that this is exactly the kind of tool they need according to HubSpot research.
  • Brand Voice* to define and generate content that has a consistent brand voice — from blogs, to social, to email.
  • Audio Tooling to create, host, and distribute Podcasts* and Post Narration* to turn text into audio for better content accessibility.
  • Members Blog and Gated Content Library to manage content, offer premium content, and easily capture leads.


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