Lake Anna Asphalt Solutions is a premier paving company. In a recent update, the company outlined different drainage techniques used during asphalt paving.

Mineral, VA – In a website post, Lake Anna Asphalt Solutions outlined different drainage techniques used during asphalt paving.

The paving contractor Mineral noted that one of the most common drainage techniques used during asphalt paving is known as surface drainage. This technique involves creating a slope or grade on the surface of the pavement to direct water away from the paved surface. This can be accomplished by using specialized machinery, such as a motor grader, to shape the surface of the asphalt.

The technicians said that another drainage technique utilized in asphalt paving Mineral is known as sub-surface drainage. In this method, perforated pipes are installed under the paved surface to collect and redirect excess water. These pipes are connected to a drainage system, such as a storm drain, which carries the water away from the paved area. It can also be an effective solution for preventing water from seeping into the base of the pavement. 

The asphalt contractor Mineral asserted that permeable paving is a newer drainage technique that has gained popularity in recent years. This method involves using porous materials, such as gravel or open-cell pavers, as the base layer of the pavement. These materials allow water to pass through them and into the underlying soil, reducing the amount of water that collects on the surface. Permeable paving is not only effective for drainage, but it also helps to reduce runoff and improve water quality. 

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Lake Anna Asphalt Solutions is a top-rated paving company. They offer various services, including asphalt paving, repairs, seal coating, crack sealing, and line striping. The skilled crew works efficiently and effectively to ensure a smooth and seamless process. They also use only the highest-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting and durable results for their clients.

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