With Mindmatrix’s ABM feature, corporate vendors gain deep insights into their account ecosystem, enabling them to identify and leverage multi-contact opportunities within target accounts for personalized marketing and sales strategies.

Mindmatrix, the next-generation PRM, Partner Marketing and Sales Ecosystem Enablement Solutions provider has introduced an innovative Account Mapping feature to its PRM and Partner Marketing Software, Bridge, that supports account based marketing (ABM) and sales. This latest addition to the Mindmatrix platform revolutionizes traditional sales strategies by shifting the focus from individual contacts to a comprehensive account-based marketing and selling approach. With Mindmatrix’s ABM feature, corporate vendors gain unparalleled insights into their account ecosystem, enabling them to identify and leverage multi-contact opportunities within target accounts.

The ABM feature within Bridge Partner Marketing components of the software allows users to identify and target key accounts based on specific criteria, including company size, industry, revenue, and more. This kind of precise targeting enables the development of personalized marketing and sales strategies for each target account, delivering tailored messaging and content that directly address their unique pain points and challenges.

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“We know the key to successful sales lies in targeting entire accounts rather than individual contacts. But, one of the major challenges faced by businesses is understanding the intricate dynamics of their account landscape. Our new Account-Based Mapping feature empowers vendors with a comprehensive view of their account networks, facilitating more strategic and impactful sales engagements,” said Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix. “Our Account-Based Marketing capabilities are a game-changer, allowing businesses to create and share highly personalized marketing and sales campaigns that resonate deeply with target accounts,” added Harbinder.

Key highlights of Mindmatrix’s Account-Based Mapping feature include:

  • Comprehensive Account Insights: Gain visibility into the number of accounts and their distribution across partner networks, empowering vendors with valuable data to drive informed sales decisions.
  • Multi-Dimensional Overlap Analysis: Identify overlapping accounts among different partners through direct account overlap, geographical overlap, and industry vertical overlap. This nuanced analysis provides invaluable insights into shared opportunities and potential collaboration areas.
  • Enhanced Partner Collaboration: Foster stronger partnerships by facilitating collaborative selling efforts and encouraging alignment across partner networks. With clear visibility into account overlap, vendors and partners can work together more effectively to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Targeted Sales Strategies: Tailor sales strategies based on account-specific insights, ensuring that every engagement is personalized and aligned with the unique needs of each target account.

The Bridge Partner Marketing Software’s ABM and Account Mapping features allow businesses to build stronger relationships with key accounts, enabling improved prospect and partner engagement that accelerate deal closures.

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