How to use wooden office furniture daily?

  The predecessor of solid wood office furniture is panel office furniture. It is usually composed of several boards connected together. Simple and plain, but the appearance is rough and the lines are not beautiful enough.

  With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, on the basis of practicality, more attention is paid to diverse appearance colors and novel styles. The original relatively simple panel furniture can no longer meet the needs of the office environment.

  As a result, people spray paint on the surface of the wooden boards, add leather pads, or use steel feet, glass, and hardware accessories. The materials are more sophisticated, which increases the beauty of the appearance and comfort of use, and meets people’s individual needs.

  Before pursuing the beauty of appearance and comfort of use and meeting people’s individual needs, customized office furniture will first tell you what to pay attention to when using wooden office furniture in daily life.

Correct approach to wooden furniture

1. Try to keep the air humidity at about 50%. Too dry can easily cause the wood to crack.

2. If alcohol drips onto wooden furniture, you should quickly absorb it with paper towels or dry towels instead of wiping it.

3. It is best to put felt under items such as table lamps that may scratch the surface of the furniture.

4. Cups filled with hot water should be placed on the table with a coaster.

Wrong practices for wooden furniture

1. Place wooden furniture where direct sunlight can reach it. Not only can the sun damage the paint, it can also crack the wood.

2. Place wooden furniture next to a heater or fireplace. High temperatures can cause wood to warp and possibly even cause it to burst.

3. Place rubber or plastic items on the surface of wooden furniture for a long time. Such materials can react with the paint on the wood surface, causing damage.

4. Drag rather than move furniture. When moving furniture, lift it as a whole instead of dragging it on the ground. For furniture that will be moved frequently, it is best to use a base with wheels.

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