The Book That (Almost) Got Me Fired: A poignant, funny, and eminently practical memoir
The Book That Almost Got Me Fired: How I (Barely) Survived a Year in Corporate America

“So, why would you apply for this position?” Frank Becker, manager of the content department at Digital Edge, leaned back in his chair, his arms folded across his chest.

It was a reasonable question. After all, I’d been freelancing full-time for nearly 22 years. Now I was interviewing for a job. A full-time job. A (gasp) real job.

I’d applied for the content specialist position on a whim. Digital Edge was three miles from my home, and the brief job description sounded like work I could do. I submitted a resume and a cover letter the day before Thanksgiving and had already forgotten about it when I received an email the Monday after the holiday to schedule an interview.

I hadn’t expected a reply, much less an interview…

— excerpt from The Book That (Almost) Got Me Fired

You’re 52. Divorced. Single mom to a teenaged son and a tween daughter. Happily self-employed but worried about the cost of health insurance, the inevitable impact of perimenopause on your body, and whether you should keep dating a sexy plumber who’s sweet and funny but lives an hour away and doesn’t seem that into you.

So, after 22 years of fulltime freelancing, you take a day job as a tiny, creaky cog in the corporate American machine where you’re decades older than most of your coworkers – and you write about it. The Book That (Almost) Got Me Fired: A Year in Corporate America is an entertaining, midlife memoir that shares what (and what not) to do when you make that corporate leap.

In this funny, edgy memoir, midlife mom Kelly James shares what it’s like to reenter the corporate world after years as a freelancer. Whether she’s navigating the digital protocols, working with sweatshirt-wearing millennials half her age, or trying to get a grip on corporate culture, her story will keep you entertained and remind us that while a lot is different, not everything has changed.   Polly Campbell, author of You, Recharged: How to Beat Fatigue (Mostly), Amp Up Your Energy (Usually), and Enjoy Life Again, (Always)

Kelly K. James has been writing for a living, as an employee and full-time freelancer, for more than 20 years. The former attorney is the author of books including Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success, and Six-Figure Freelancing: The Writer’s Guide to Making More Money, Second Edition. She works, writes, plays 8-ball, and attempts to golf from her home outside Chicago, which she shares with two teens, a high-energy rescue pup, and a very spoiled, fat cat. 

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