FiZ emerged as a young artist working on Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music 1
Faiyaz Hasan, known as FiZ founded a community OctoG Inc. to fulfill his dreams of leaving a mark with his music in this world.

Faiyaz Hasan emerges as a recording artist born in Chittagong, Bangladesh and formed the community OctoG Inc. He is known as FiZ in the music industry. He showed his love for music at a very young age. He is highly obsessed with making music and works passionately on it. He performs with grace and utilizes music to communicate his feelings,  pent-up emotions, aggression as well as fear. 

      FiZ emerged as a young artist working on Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music 2

FiZ believes in teamwork, as he said, “If I support someone to grow, then that support will help me grow. You can never think about doing big things without the support of a team”. So he created OctoG Inc., in his team, a group of young, talented members with different skill sets work together. All team members work passionately and support each other to assist them. FiZ strongly believes that motivated team members can enrich the quality of work. In OctoG Inc. Nico Falcinelli is a producer and composer, Nazmus Sakib Khan is the filmmaker, Fardin Mosharraf performs the role of a composer and guitarist, Nabil Shah is the designer and editor and Muhtasim Faruq Abir works as a record executive. FiZ focuses on creating innovative things in the music industry with a different mindset. He believes in dreams to make something “new”. 

                                               FiZ emerged as a young artist working on Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music 3

In the beginning, FiZ needed to confront a great deal of difficulties, like he needed to overcome his loved ones. By the time he succeeded in getting his parents to support and encourage him to continue with his dreams. FiZ also faces a lot of problems regarding resources. He started his journey without financial support and didn’t bring in that much cash.

FiZ said, “Struggles and challenges are part of your life journey. You have to accept them and have the guts to deal with them. Nothing comes easy; you need to fight for it”.


     FiZ emerged as a young artist working on Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop music 4

He focuses on creative work and makes innovative music. The versatile artist motivates young musicians to make different music that open different interests to help the music industry to get wider. He believes musicians make music for passion, not to make money.


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