DENOS will operate one of the 115 Levels of VERTIKAL to promote Korean culture in the Metaverse. They will also spearhead promotion of VERTIKAL within Korea.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, November 29, 2022 / — Vertikal LLC is delighted to announce that DENOS Alliance will be in charge of promoting VERTIKAL in Korea.

DENOS is the leading South Korean blockchain enterprise alliance that specializes in accelerating projects, leveraging the strength of its structure as a Decentralized Network Operating System. Hundreds of the CEOs of the main South Korean blockchain and NFT projects are members of the Alliance, bringing their individual and combined skills and connections to the network.

DENOS will be in charge of operating the Korean floor G.Nam on Level 77 of VERTIKAL. This will bring leading Korean corporates and institutions to VERTIKAL, showcasing the best of Korea in arts, fashion and music. VERTIKAL’s very own K-Pop town, it captures the unmatched vibrancy of Seoul and brings it to the Metaverse with its excitement intact.

DENOS will also bring tourism, lifestyle services and e-commerce to the VERTIKAL Metaverse, providing new and innovative ways to ride the Korean wave in a virtual world. This fusion of technology and culture fits perfectly with the VERTIKAL vision of community building and cultural exchange.

JP Dumas said “We are delighted to launch our partnership with DENOS today. DENOS has unparalleled experience in deploying blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse projects in South Korea. We are delighted that they now join the VERTIKAL family to run and develop and promote both VERTIKAL and G.Nam – the Level dedicated to South Korean arts, culture and life”.

G.Nam is one of several floors (Levels) of VERTIKAL devoted to exploring and sharing the best of national cultures. Others include Levels dedicated to the culture and arts of Switzerland, Japan, France, Australia and India, and the VERTIKAL team welcomes approaches from other nations keen to engage with the global Metaverse audience through their culture and arts.


VERTIKAL is the Culture and Art District of the Metaverse. VERTIKAL is a 9,000 ft tall skyscraper that floats 555 feet above Umpire Rock in Central Park, New York. VERTIKAL Metaverse is made up of community and private spaces available for purchase by private collectors, corporates and institutions.

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Vertikal Launches Partnership With DENOS Alliance to Promote Vertikal Metaverse in Korea

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